Embers - Lyrics Added

Lyrics have now been added for the songs on the Embers digital single - "Embers", "Invidia", "Never This Again", and "Christabelle". Look them up and sing along! Also, if you don't have your own copy of Embers yet, you can get it here (and stream for free)!

Embers - Out Now!

The new Pulse State single, Embers, has just been released. Go here to stream for free, or purchase a digital copy. Thanks to all of you for your continued listenership and support!

Tracklisting and Artwork for "Embers" Digital Single

Here is the artwork and tracklisting for the "Embers" digital single. The single is comprised of all-new material, including two songs exclusive to this release, as well as exclusive mixes/versions of "Embers" and "Christabelle", both of which will be on the forthcoming album, Black Highway. Embers will be released on July 10th, exclusively on the Pulse State Bandcamp page!

01. Embers (Burning Mix)
02. Invidia
03. Never This Again
04. Embers (Fading Mix)
05. Christabelle (Demi Mix)

New Single for "Embers" Coming Soon

The next Pulse State release is coming soon! The single for "Embers" will be made available on Friday, July 10th. The tracklisting and artwork will be posted later this month. Watch this site for it!

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Covenant/Labrynth/Pulse State show last night at Small's in Hamtramck, MI. It can only be described as amazing. All of the bands did exceptionally well, but for us, it was a defining moment in the history of PS for a couple of reasons. Half of the songs in our setlist were played live for the first time at that show - "Into Darkness", "Embers", and "Cold Starshine" - and this is the largest crowd for which any lineup of Pulse State has ever performed. It only gets better from here!

We have quite a few goodies coming your way in the next few months, including the new album, Black Highway; but you will start to see more signs of life even sooner than that. Keep an eye on this site for more PS news!

New Pulse State Song on Soundcloud: "Embers"!

In advance of the Covenant/Labrynth show at Small's on Sunday, April 12th, Pulse State has made a new song available. It's called "Embers", and it is planned to be included in the Pulse State set at the show. Those who cannot make it to that show can listen, too. Go here for a work-in-progress version of "Embers"! (EDIT: This is no longer available, as the Embers single was released on July 10th. Go here to listen/purchase!)

Pulse State to Open for Covenant and The Labrynth

As announced yesterday, Covenant and The Labrynth are going to be playing at Small's in Hamtramck, MI on Sunday, April 12th. Pulse State will be taking the stage for the first time in 2015 as the opening act! Doors are at 8 PM for this event, and tickets can be purchased at the Small's website ($15 in advance, $18 at the door)!


A.X.E.L Radio Interview Now Available

As mentioned last week, Mike was interviewed on A.X.E.L Radio on Thursday. For those who caught it, thanks for listening! For those who didn't, a downloadable MP3 of the show is now online. Look for it on the A.X.E.L Radio page on the VegasAllNetRadio.com website. Mike's part begins at around 19 minutes in. Thanks to A.X.E.L and everyone else who made this possible!

Radio Interview with Mike This Week

Mike Phipps will be interviewed this week on A.X.E.L Radio. The show is a weekly feature on Vegas All Net Radio that focuses on the industrial, EBM, Gothic rock, and synthpop genres. Tune in this Thursday, January 29th, from 5-6 PM PST (that's 8-9 PM EST, or 0100-0200 UTC Friday the 30th) to catch the show! LINK

Saviors Among Us - Eternity EP - Out Now Featuring Mike Phipps' Vocals!

Saviors Among Us' Eternity EP was released today. It's actually another project from Mike Hoffman of Level 2.0, through which guest musicians contribute their vocals and lyrics to his electronic dance music compositions. Mike Phipps has vocals/lyrics on two of the songs - "Banish" (also featuring Sarah C. Hogan of Synapse) and "Hit and Run" (also featuring Adam Gamble from Shadow System). You can go here to get the release: LINK


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