Release Plans for 2017

Happy New Year from Pulse State to you! 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the first usage of the Pulse State name for this project. As such, there are several special releases planned for this year, including one that many of you have been waiting for a long time to see. Read more about it here!

New Pulse State Reworking for IKON

A brand-new Pulse State reworking of the IKON song "I Never Wanted You" has been completed recently, and will be made available on the Australian dark alternative/Gothic rock band's reissued single for that song when it is released in November 2016. Thanks to Chris McCarter from IKON for the opportunity!

Black Highway - General Release on Digital Music Services

From today onward, in addition to being available on Bandcamp, the new Pulse State album is now also ready to be purchased on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and a plethora of other digital music services!

Black Highway - OUT NOW!

The new Pulse State album, Black Highway, is out NOW on the PS Bandcamp page! There will be a two-week period where it will be exclusively available on Bandcamp, after which it will also be available for purchase on many other digital music services (i.e. Amazon, Apple/iTunes, Google Play, &c). Thanks to Chris Halfan for the artwork, and thanks to all of you for your support and listenership. Enjoy!

UPDATE Oct. 17: The lyrics for all songs on Black Highway can now be found in the Lyrics section of this website!

Clips from Black Highway

Clips of songs from the forthcoming Pulse State album, Black Highway, have begun to be posted on the PS SoundCloud page. First up is "Christabelle". You've heard the stripped-down Demi Mix on the Embers single, but this is a clip of the fully fleshed-out album version. There will be a few more posted on SC before the album's release on Friday, October 16th. Check back often!

UPDATE Oct. 9: There is now a clip up for "The Haunting". This one departs significantly from what Pulse State sounded like before, with Gothic rock influences prevailing over the entire production. However, some synthpop elements are still in effect. There will be another clip posted next week before the album release, so check back for it!

UPDATE Oct. 13: The third and final clip from Black Highway has now been posted on SoundCloud: "Cold Starshine"! If you liked the danceable synthpop of With a Single Step, you'll also like this one. The new album comes this Friday!

New Album - Black Highway - Coming in October!

Black Highway, the new Pulse State album, is coming on October 16th, 2015! It will be released digitally at first, with a possible CD release to follow at some point in the future. Teasers will start to be posted on the PS SoundCloud page in the next couple of weeks. The wait for the new PS album is nearly over!

01. Into Darkness
02. The Haunting
03. Christabelle
04. Cold Starshine
05. Gift of a Curse
06. When the Crystal Shatters
07. Embers
08. Blood and Ashes
09. The Sound of Her Voice
10. Passage to the Void

Embers - Lyrics Added

Lyrics have now been added for the songs on the Embers digital single - "Embers", "Invidia", "Never This Again", and "Christabelle". Look them up and sing along! Also, if you don't have your own copy of Embers yet, you can get it here (and stream for free)!

Embers - Out Now!

The new Pulse State single, Embers, has just been released. Go here to stream for free, or purchase a digital copy. Thanks to all of you for your continued listenership and support!

Tracklisting and Artwork for "Embers" Digital Single

Here is the artwork and tracklisting for the "Embers" digital single. The single is comprised of all-new material, including two songs exclusive to this release, as well as exclusive mixes/versions of "Embers" and "Christabelle", both of which will be on the forthcoming album, Black Highway. Embers will be released on July 10th, exclusively on the Pulse State Bandcamp page!

01. Embers (Burning Mix)
02. Invidia
03. Never This Again
04. Embers (Fading Mix)
05. Christabelle (Demi Mix)

New Single for "Embers" Coming Soon

The next Pulse State release is coming soon! The single for "Embers" will be made available on Friday, July 10th. The tracklisting and artwork will be posted later this month. Watch this site for it!


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